Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where has Septemeber Gone?

I always look forward to Sept. because it means a break in the Texas heat. This means it will drop from 95-100 degrees to 90-95 (if we're lucky). It also means Judy and my birthday month. October is right around the corner from Sept. and that means "Pumpkins" - one of my favorite things.

I am speaking at the ATHA Convention in Louisville, KY the weekend of Sept. 26th. I truly appreciate hooked rugs, the history behind them and the work that goes into them. It is a wonderful art form. I am "hooked" on rug punching. If you "hook" it means pulling a loop of wool through rug canvas and having all the loops the same height. In "punching" you use a different tool and work from the back of the canvas. You can work with wool strips and other fibers in both hooking and punching. With both arts the only limitation is your imagination.